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Virtual Queue

In my final year of Business Information Systems I was tasked with developing an idea for my final year project. The idea I decided on was to create an android application that let users quickly create/join a queue on their mobile device. This project required me to manage all stages of the development lifecycle. I started with analysis and design of the app and converted those designs into a working implemented system.

Virtual Queue is available on the Google Play Store. For any issues relating to Virtual Queue specifically you can email

Virtual Queue enables users to quickly join a queue and keep their place without having to stand in a physical line. This frees up users while they wait and encourages customers to stay even if the queue is long.


Managers of the queue can clearly see how many people are waiting and make sure those who joined first are rewarded. Managers have the ability to manually add and remove users and remain in total control.

Where to use it?

Virtual Queue is a great solution for barbers, coffee shops and social gatherings. No more confusion over who is next to be served or whose turn it is to pick the next song.